Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes, after such a LONG time. My blog finally works again. Sorry for the super super DUPER out of datedness.
(it's a word now :D) Haha. I got an expander today. Want to see? Of COURSE you do. ;)
It is actually on the roof of my mouth. Fun right? :PPPP

Not as painful as it looks. 
Pretty painful. But not that bad. 

Anyway, can't wait to talk to you all again!!! :D
See you guys later!
Question Of The Day:
What is your favorite store? 
Mine is... Hot Topic


  1. Thank you honey. I told you not to show me that again and you go & post it on your blog.

    It is squeeeing me out. Glad Daddy has to turn the key. I will be in the other room.

    My favorite store know I don't like to shop, but probably Jo-Ann's. For fabric. :D

  2. I am impressed at your photog skills--you actually got a close up of your expander that was sharp and clear and did it all by your lonesome.

    But ouch!

  3. Hi Wallene. Things have changed since I had braces but that was back in the dinosaur ages. You'll be so glad in a couple years when your teeth are beautiful. Hope it doesn't hurt too much. Your Mom is a woos! hahaha. Love, Auntie Barb.

  4. Oh and my favorite store is DSW Shoes. And thankfully they are not around me.

  5. Hi Wallene - crikey, this does look pretty painful, especially when your dad has to tighten the key every night. Poor you, but, as Aunty Barb says, it will be so worth it in the end. I was so sorry to hear of the trouble you had when you were out walking the dogs. It must have been very upsetting for you, but totally not your fault in any way, shape or form!! Hope you're feeling a bit more calm now x

  6. My fave store is either Old Navy or Belks. LOL

    That expander is crazy, isn't it? I had to have it as well as Bug and J-man. We can totally relate.

  7. ouch...that looks painful!

    tUcKeR says the big orange store.

    daddy says kohls, cuz tUcKeR took home depot

  8. ouch! My favourite store here in the UK is a shoe shop called Schuh which sells very funky shoes

  9. My best friend had one of those. She hated it because she could never eat the things that she wanted.

  10. Bloody hell read about this over at I Make Soap so came to have a look and better you then I have a very small mouth which makes going to the dentist a nightmare. I can barely manage to get two fingers between my top and bottom teeth.

  11. I had to re write my comment since we all lost them :) when Blogger went down.

    I am so glad Daddy gets to turn the key. I am still laughing at the way you took these pics'. Inventive little mynx.

    Love you sweetie